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Yes Kind of, but... No, not at all
Is LoopJam fun to work/play with?
Is the "Jam" feature useful in discovering new breaks?
Do you like the app concept?
Do you like the GUI?
Do you think the GUI could need improvement?
Did you try the keyboard shortcuts (Key: 1..9,0, "Space Bar")?
Did you find the keyboard shortcuts useful (fast switching between scenes/original)?
Do you like the included audio loops?
Do you want more audio loops included?
Do you think MIDI support would be useful?
Do you like the audio effects?
Would you like more audio effects?
Is it easy to create own audio loops for the usage in LoopJam?
Would you prefer the possibility load any audio track and to set the loop points inside LoopJam?
Did you use the slice matrix a lot?
Did you use the FX matrix a lot?

Thank you for taking the survey! Below you might add your personel comments, ideas for improvement or criticism concerning LoopJam.

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